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Krishna Vilas was built in 1930 by Shri M Krishnan Nair (1891-1957). Originally from Keezhur, Kannur District, he had come to Palakkad District in search for a bride. He found the right one in Ramasserry Village: a young lady from the Mangat Tharavad named Shrimathi Madhavikutty Amma.

When their first and only child was born in 1920, the astrologer told the young couple that the baby girl would bring them great luck and that they should start a business on their own. Krishnan followed his advice and founded his own company, called MALABAR BORING WORKS. As predicted he did very well, and so Krishnan decided to return to his wife’s village to build a new “tharavad” for his daughter Subhadra (known as Thangam). That tharavad is Krishna Vilas, completed in 1933.

A tharavad is a matrilineal system of joint family practiced by the Nairs in Kerala and the name of the tharavd would be prefixed to the names of its householders. So, the family of Krishna Vilas took on a prefix of “ KV”... Sankunni Kutty was KVS Kutty, Krishnan Unni into KVK Unni and so on.
house1 The key features of a Tharavad are a temple for the forefathers, a courtyard surrounded by four wings, a freshwater well and the fact that the main building is always located in the middle of the property. You will see these features at Krishna Vilas, though the house has only two wings and the courtyard is centered between the main building and the kitchen area, a Tamil architectural feature that Shri. M Krishnan Nair, who had spent a long time in Tamil Nadu, brought to his design.

The house was unoccupied for a long time but stood the test of time till it was restored by the great grandson of Shri M Krishnan Nair and his wife. All the wood work you see in the main house is original, and if you look up at the rafters in the front veranda, you will notice each one has a unique carving, testimony to great artisanship of the time.

Krishna Vilas can accommodate 9 adults in:
3 Double rooms with attached bathrooms
1 Suite (1 double & 1 single room) with attached bathroom

Its spacious dining hall, big terrace, broad verandas and gardens are yours to lounge around in and relax.
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