Ramasserry Village, Palakkat District is 12 km away from Palakkad town in the direction of Chittoor and Elapully. The village is famous for its Ramasserry Idlis, in fact quite a number of tourists come just only for this.

If visiting famous temples, both in Kerala and Tamilnadu, are your interest, then Ramasserry is well situated for your trips. But if your idea is to just spend long lazy days surrounded by lush green paddy fields, listening to the wind and the birds then tourists and temple seekers will not disturb you as the village is tucked away, just off the tourist routes.
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Best time to visit:

The best time to travel is between September and May. Pleasant during the day and cool at nights, just right for enjoying the gardens and terraces.

The months of June to August are the peak of monsoon, also a lovely time as the rains cool down the heat of summer and the landscape is washed in various shades of green.

The local Cuisine:

The village is famous for its Ramasserry Idlis. They are special because of the way they are steamed. They are best served with a delicious potato or mutton stew of coconut milk and mild spice.

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